Innovations Through Inventions

RegenGlobal Offers Better Regenerative Medicine By Research.

We collaborate with leading institutions and labs  in the UK on researching   and developing  cutting-edge technologies and products.  

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Regenerative medicine is a branch of translational research in tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the process of replacing, engineering and regenerating human cells, tissues and organs. Our MCIC® and ACIC® techniques are two of the best cartilage regenerative treatments on the market.​

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About RegenGlobal UK

We are a group of scientists and doctors passionate about cell therapies and tissue engineering. Through international collaboration, we aim at providing minimally invasive cutting edge therapies to patients at affordable rates. The aim of the company is medical innovation through new inventions in the cell technology.

Our Products

The regeneration treatments are delivered by our clinically proven medical device. RegenGlobal has researched and developed world-class devices for the regeneration. The CCR® Kit and Coltrix® CartiRegen collagen gel are two excellent products, which helps repair the damaged cartilage.

Research Foundation

Shetty–Kim Research Foundation (SKRF) has been promoting scientific research and training related to stem cell therapy. SKRF is based in UK and was set up by Prof Shetty and Prof S J Kim from South Korea. Prof Shetty is the winner of the prestigious Hunterian medal for 2017, awarded by Royal College of Surgeons of England.

What Our Patients Say

Patient satisfaction is our priority.

Instead of staying in hospital for up to five days, I could come home the same day. Now I'm back in the gym and walking the dog without pain in my right knee.

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